Healthfirst Reports Privacy Breach Impacting 1,811 Members


Company details steps to mitigate and protect member information
New York, NY, May 24, 2019 – Healthfirst today notified Federal and State regulators that it has discovered a privacy breach impacting approximately 1,811 of its nearly 1.4 million members.  The breach relates to letters sent to the correct member at outdated addresses.  The company, which has taken comprehensive action to fix the issue and end the breach, is also notifying members and offering support for those members so that they can protect themselves from potential harm.

On March 26, 2019, the company discovered that from November 2017 until March 2019, the company may have sent letters to members at an older address that was on file. These letters, addressed to the correct recipients but sent to outdated addresses, may have been related to case management, clinical service approvals or denials, or requests for further information needed to approve or deny clinical services. After careful review the company can confirm that no information such as Social Security Number, bank account information, or any other financial information was included in the letters that were sent to outdated addresses.

This situation occurred because, at the time, a newly implemented case management system did not differentiate current addresses from former addresses. The cause has been rectified.

Healthfirst takes the privacy and security of its members' health information very seriously and is committed to taking steps to ensure the company's member information is protected. 公司承諾為其會員提供支持,以幫助防範可能的身分盜用或其他經濟損失。 To provide protection and peace of mind, Healthfirst is offering affected members access to one year of free identity, credit monitoring and restoration services.

Healthfirst is New York’s largest non-profit health insurer, providing Medicaid plans, Medicare Advantage plans, long-term care and other integrated plans, qualified health plans and individual and small group plans to nearly 1.4 million members.  Sponsored by New York City’s leading hospitals, Healthfirst’s unique advantage is rooted in its mission of putting members first by aligning goals with the health care providers who deliver care.  This value-based care model has been a catalyst for sustained growth in one of the most dynamic markets in the country.  As part of the community for more than 25 years, Healthfirst earns the trust of its members by offering consistently high-quality, market-leading products.  For more information on Healthfirst please visit